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How To Prepare for the
 (CTFL) exam


What is the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification?

Step I

Get familiar with the exam structure and rules. You should know what you are preparing for and what awaits you in the real exam to ensure you have the best chance of success. Check our video to find out about the number of questions on the exam, exam duration, passing score, and more. We share our experience of what the process of passing the exam looks like from start to finish, from preparation to taking the exam online from home and receiving the final results.

Step II

Read Relevant material. There are many ISTQB CTFL exam preparation materials available online, but we only recommend the official literature:

1. The Foundation Syllabus 2018

Was produced by a team from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.

2. ISTQB Glossary

Find the definitions for software quality and testing terms used in the ISTQB® certification products. Enter a search text in the text field above and press the Search menu item or the enter key.

What study materials to use for ISTQB certification exam preparation
ISTQB Syllabus and ISTQB Glossary

FULL course

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  • About 10,000 students have successfully prepared and passed the exam after completing our preparation course

  • Hundreds of questions similar to those that will be on the real exam

  • Questions are distributed by chapters and sections of chapters for the best learning experience

  • 5+ exam samples, for training before a real exam

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FREE course

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  • Information about Exam Structure and Rules

  • Learn tips and tricks to answer the ISTQB questions easily

  • 1 exam sample, for training before a real exam

Step III

The Practice of answering questions. There are many examples of ISTQB questions on the Internet, unfortunately, most of them refer to outdated previous versions of the exam and are not suitable for preparing the latest version of 2018. That is why we created a course with the help of which about 10,000 students successfully prepared and passed the exam. You will find in the course​ Hundreds of questions similar to those that will be on the real exam. Questions are distributed by chapters and sections of chapters for the best learning experience.

Step IV

Register for the exam! If you have finished preparing for the exam and want to register to take it, watch our video where we share the information about the most popular online exam providers. You can compare them and choose the one that is cheaper in your region.

How to take the ISTQB exam online?

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