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How the ISTQB online exam from home looks like? Where to register for the ISTQB certification?

Where to register for the ISTQB certification?

In response to the issues, exam had, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the ISTQB approved the use of Remote Proctoring, for the exams. Since then, you can take the exam online from home. There are a lot of online exam providers available today, each offering a range of certifications and assessments tailored to different fields and industries. Depending on the provider, the price of the exam can vary significantly. Additionally, accessibility can be an issue as some providers may not offer their exams in certain countries, which can pose challenges for candidates seeking to obtain specific certifications. Given the variations in pricing and availability among different exam providers, we recommend considering two reputable providers:

  • ISQI offers a range of software testing and quality assurance certifications.

  • They are known for their comprehensive exam offerings and commitment to software quality.

  • Check their website for a list of certifications, pricing, and availability in your region.

  • AT*SQA is recognized for its global certification programs in the field of software testing and quality assurance.

  • Investigate their website for specific certification details, pricing, and exam availability.

Alternatively, you can find an exam provider on the official ISTQB website. ISTQB certifications are typically managed by national or regional boards. On the ISTQB website, you can usually find a list of ISTQB Member Boards. These boards oversee the certification process in specific countries or regions. Once you've selected the certification level, visit the website of your local ISTQB board (or the relevant certification provider if it's not a national board) to register for the exam. Follow the registration instructions provided on the board's website. This may involve creating an account, selecting your preferred exam date and time, and making the necessary payment.


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ISTQB online mock exam

You can find an online mock exam on the ISQI website ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level 4.0 (CTFL 4.0) Online Mock Exam. The online exam provides an excellent reflection of FLEX. After you register on the page, an online mock exam identical to the real one will be available to you. In order to learn how to register for the exam, how to prepare the workplace for the real exam, and what online features are available for the exam, it is better to watch the video, because it is more of a step-by-step tutorial than an article.

Where to verify the ISTQB certificate

After successfully passing an ISTQB certification exam, you can find your certificate and information about your achievement in the "ISTQB Successful Candidate Register." This register is maintained by ISTQB and serves as a public record of individuals who have earned ISTQB certifications.

If you can't find the certificate on the page you can find this information: "Inclusion is voluntary so not all certification holders may be included. The register is updated regularly but please allow some time for your details to appear – if you have any concerns please contact your certificate issuer. Individuals that obtained an ISTQB® certification before January 2017 may not yet be listed. Please contact the certification body (ISTQB® Member Board or Exam Provider) who issued your certificate for information on how to be added (note: terms and conditions may vary by Board/ Exam Provider)."



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