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Manual Software Testing Interview

A software testing interview is not different from other types of interviews, you will be asked many questions that are completely unrelated to the work you will be doing. During the interview, you may be asked about Test Automation, even if the project doesn't involve automation and all regression tests will have to be run manually. You can be thoroughly questioned about Scrum, including roles, artifacts, and events, but later discover that the actual work environment follows Kanban or lacks any defined processes. Long story short successfully passing a Software Testing Interview is a separate skill that becomes necessary once a year, several years, and if you're unlucky, once every few months. That is why you have long forgotten what you remembered well, even if it is the simplest questions such as, What is testing? What is a bug? What test principles do you know? You can remember all 7 principles of testing now. But most likely, you will forget them immediately after a successful interview, when you get a job. On the Software Testing 101 website you can enhance your knowledge of software testing theory. To help you answer questions clearly and confidently at the interview, each answer includes three aspects: 1. Answer from official literature (standards, ISTQB, certifications, other documents) 2. Human Language answer  based on analyzed articles on the Internet 3. A real-life example to help you understand complex theoretical concepts


Q&A for QA

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Answers to the Top 100 Software Testing Interview Questions ○ Beginners in software testing can deepen their knowledge of Software Testing Theory ○ Experienced software testers can recall the Software Testing Theory

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